A: All flatfair member tenants are jointly and severally liable for lawful end of tenancy charges. This means that if we fail to recover owed sums from any one tenant, we're able to charge any others living at the accommodation. 

Should a tenant not pay promptly after the tenancy, landlords have the option to sell up to 12 weeks’ worth of charges to flatfair (though never more than 6 weeks’ rent arrears).

In the unlikely event that the sum of 12 weeks’ worth of charges doesn’t cover the owed amount, landlords may choose to appoint flatfair as their recovery agent. They can ‘piggyback’ on flatfairs litigation and debt recovery efforts against a flatfair member tenant, i.e. we’ll act as your recovery agent at no additional cost.

flatfair will take all necessary and reasonable legal actions to ensure that tenants pay for any and all lawful end of tenancy charges for damages and rent arrears.

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