Welcome to your new rented home with flatfair. 

Here’s a few things to bear in mind while you enjoy your new home. The basics of being a good tenant might seem obvious, but we just wanted to make things even clearer. Take a look at our top tips:

Familiarise yourself with the lease

We know this might just be the most boring activity you can think of doing right now, but reading your lease front to back is essential. If you know what it highlights then there won’t be any unwanted surprises along the way. Make sure all of your demands are written in the lease prior signing it too. 

Try not to break the lease. 

Breaking the lease doesn’t just mean not paying your rent, subletting without permission, etc. Instead it can relate to any inconsistencies between what you signed for in the contract and how you then behave, e.g. getting a pet when your contract doesn’t allow cute furry things inside the house. While most landlords won’t usually evict tenants for small lease breaks, the closer you stick to the terms of your lease, the better relationship you and your landlord are likely to have. 

Pay your rent on time and in full. Every month.

We think this one is pretty much self-explanatory.

Take care of your rented home.

Alright, now this is an important pointer, and one that often comes up when tenants are leaving their rented property. It’s not complicated or subtle, it just means that you should treat a home you rent as you'd treat a home you own. Make sure you get permission before doing any work on the house,  whether it's nailing nails, screwing screws, painting, swapping or chucking. Of course, basic wear and tear is totally normal in rented homes, just make sure that you don’t cause any major damage. And if you do (because yes, it happens), simply communicate it to your agent or your landlord. That’s it. 

Checking out is as important as checking in.

When you’re moving out of your rented home, be sure to read through the check-in report and inventory. Make a note to leave everything how it was when you first moved in. It’s also important to take photographs of the house to show what was there before and what is new (and has been discussed with the landlord already). Make sure photographs are digitally dated. 

That’s about it from The flatfair guide to being a good tenant. To be a considerate tenant all you have to do is communicate with your landlord, be responsible, be upfront and just be nice ;-) 

P.S. Good tenants are our mates – and our mates gets mates' rates! 

Thank you,

The flatfair team

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