If you have a change of tenant(s) in an existing tenancy (change of sharers), it's really simple to update the platform accordingly. 

To change or replace an outgoing tenant with the incoming tenant, follow these steps:

  • Log in into your flatfair dashboard
  • Select the relevant property from your flatfair dashboard
  • Click Change Tenant
  • Select the outgoing tenant(s) from the list
  • Insert the email address of the new tenant(s)
  • Upload a copy of the updated tenancy agreement (AST) 
  • Click Change.

The incoming tenant(s) will receive an email prompting them to register as a flatfair member. Once we have received confirmation of payment, the outgoing tenant(s) will be removed from the property and replaced with the incoming one(s). Both sets of tenants will be notified automatically.

Important – just as with a deposit scheme, any damages and rent arrears will need to be resolved internally by any change(s) of tenancy. 

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