Membership will expire in line with the original end date or within 24 months from its commencement (whichever comes first). It is very important that you remember to extend the membership prior to its expiry date if your tenant(s) decide to extend the tenancy, because otherwise it will be irrevocably closed. 

Don't worry – we will make sure we send you reminders in due course. 

Extending a membership is free and you may extend each time for up to a maximum period of 24 months. To do so, follow these steps: 

  • Log in into your flatfair dashboard
  • Open up the relevant property
  • Click Extend
  • Select a new end date (up to 24 months from today's date)
  • Upload an updated Tenancy Agreement (or a letter/addendum/email confirming the extension) 
  • Click Request Extension.

Once the membership extension request has been reviewed and approved, the membership will automatically be extended free of charge and you will receive an email confirmation, as will your landlord(s) and tenant(s).

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