A: Tenants are eligible for flatfair membership if they:

  • Hold the right to rent in the UK
  • Have annual earnings that amount to no less than 30 x their share of the monthly rent amount at the accommodation (e.g. if their monthly rent amount is £800, their annual earnings must be no less than £24,000)
  • Have a good credit history (e.g. no CCJ's, bankruptcies or IVA's)
  • Be able to provide a previous landlord's reference stating that they paid their rent on time (if applicable)
  • Pass the agency’s own referencing criteria (if applicable)

If tenants do not fulfil the above criteria, and only if indicated by your agency as sufficient qualification, they may:

  • pre-pay the first 3 months’ rent of the rental period on or before the commencement date and thereafter pre-pay rent on a 3-monthly basis, or
  • produce a guarantor with an annual salary of at least 32 x their share of the total rent amount at the accommodation or
  • produce a guarantor provided by a company which has been incorporated for a minimum of 3 years and meets the affordability criteria against the tenant guarantor’s credit limit


The above is applicable for private tenants only. To check the flatfair referencing criteria for company lets, please click at the link below:

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