If your landlord or agent submits a charge against you at the end of your tenancy, you will receive an email notification complete with the charge details.

Once a charge has been submitted, tenants must respond within 10 days, otherwise the charge will be deemed as accepted. 

If you'd like to counter a charge (for example, because you don't agree with the amount being charged), follow these steps:

  • Log in into your flatfair dashboard
  • Open your current membership and review the charge(s) 
  • Select Counter for the charge(s) you'd like to negotiate
  • The negotiation stage is now active 
  • Add documents as evidence for your counter charge (evidence such as receipts for professional cleaning will work strongly in your favour)  
  • Enter the details of your counter charge
  • Suggest an alternative price and click Send.

(Note: an alternative price can be anything from £0 upwards. For example, if you think that you should not be charged anything for a specific charge, simply input the number zero.) 

Your landlord or agent will receive the counter charge which they can then either accept, counter (again) or dispute.

If they accept, you'll be notified by email. You will then have five days to complete the payment for the accepted charge(s) using a card of your choice. All tenants in the household must complete payment for their equal share. Once payment has been received and reviewed, the membership will be closed.

If they respond (with their own counter charge), the process will continue until an agreement is reached.

In an instance where no agreement can be reached, you may send the charge to Independent Dispute Resolution by clicking Dispute.

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