flatfair helps protect tenants by giving them direct access to a government-authorised Independent Dispute Resolution – just as with deposits' schemes.

The Independent Dispute Resolution services (IDR) will review the case and come to a final decision. 

Our refundable fee for raising a dispute is £100 + VAT. If the dispute is deemed to have been made in good faith, the full amount will be returned. 

To raise a dispute, follow these steps:

  • Log in into your flatfair dashboard
  • Open your current membership and review the charge(s) 
  • Click Dispute 
  • Fill in reasons for dispute in the provided space (the more information you can provide, the better)
  • Complete payment for the dispute fee using a card of your choice. 

Note: Only one dispute can be made for a single tenancy, where all unresolved charges will be collectively disputed. 

Once a dispute decision is made, and in case the Independent Dispute Resolution found that the tenant(s) owes an amount to the landlord, the tenant(s) must complete the payment through the flatfair portal within five days. 

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