You can raise a dispute at any point after submitting the end of tenancy charges. However, we strongly recommend that you take all reasonable steps to negotiate in good faith with your tenant and landlord before reaching this decision. 

In the instance you are unable to reach an agreement and wish to raise a dispute with our Independent Dispute Resolution provider, follow the steps below:

  • Log in into your flatfair dashboard
  • Select the relevant property
  • Click the Raise Dispute button
  • Complete additional information as required 
  • Upload evidence (if applicable)
  • Click Raise Dispute 

Top tip! The more information you provide, the higher your chances of winning the dispute. 

Once you have raised a dispute, our Independent Dispute Resolution provider may take up to 28 days to finalise their decision. In cases where additional information is required to adjudicate the case, we urge you to promptly comply as not doing so may result in a delayed decision. Just as with traditional deposits, the Independent Dispute Resolution panel's decision is final and binding, and may not be disputed. 

If flatfair deems that the dispute was not made in good faith and is of an unscrupulous nature, we may fine the agent or landlord for the adjudication fee of £100 + VAT.

If the property is managed by the landlord (Let only / Rent collect) and they wish to raise a dispute, they will have to pay a fee of £100 + VAT. The landlord will be refunded in full for the fee if and when flatfair deems the dispute to have been made in good faith and of a scrupulous nature. 

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