A: In order to let your property through flatfair's deposit-free scheme, it must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Agents must have explicit permission from the property owner (landlord) by form of written consent or agreement to the agency’s Terms of Business, to use flatfair
  • The property must not have more than four tenants (jointly and severally liable)
  • The property must have a minimum rent of £25/week or £108/month* and a maximum rent of £2,000/week or £9,330/month
  • The property must be in the Private Rented Sector (PRS)
  • The property must not be owned by or rented from any public body and the tenants must pay rent from their own resources. Any circumstances where rent is sourced or supported by entities other than direct employment must be referred to flatfair before any membership is offered
  • In multiple occupant tenancies where all tenants are jointly and severally liable, use of flatfair must be agreed upon unanimously.

*For properties with a rent below £120/week the minimum membership price remains at £120 + VAT 

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