A: Should a tenant fail to settle lawful charges at the end of a tenancy, landlords may wish to sell the whole or part of the charge to flatfair for up to 12 weeks’ worth of rent (but not more than 6 weeks’ worth of rent arrears) flatfair then takes ownership of the recovery process, and landlords may choose to appoint flatfair (at no further cost) to additionally pursue any extra costs beyond the 12 week limit. By opting for this additional service, the landlord can seek to recover further losses without the need for legal action.

In order for flatfair to pursue the outstanding funds on the landlord's behalf, we require the landlord to sign and return the flatfair offer within 10 days of receipt from our team. This legally assigns flatfair as the debtor and will enable us to pursue the outstanding funds. As soon as received, flatfair will pay the landlord the outstanding monies directly to the landlord's nominated bank account - all for the value of up to 12 weeks' worth of rent!

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