Here is our tenants' checklist – important things to remember before signing your flatfair membership agreement.

I understand that:

  • The flatfair membership is an optional alternative to paying a cash deposit
  • flatfair is not an insurance product 
  • I remain liable to pay for any sums owed to my landlord under the Tenancy Agreement
  • I must pay promptly for lawful charges made at the end of the tenancy
  • I may have to pay for lawful charges caused by other tenants
  • My flatfair membership fee is non-refundable (it is not a deposit) and won’t count towards covering the cost of any damages
  • All my responsibilities and obligations as a flatfair member are outlined in the tenant membership agreement
  • Raising a dispute without good reason may cost £100 + VAT

Deposit-free renting made easy

At flatfair, we’ve made it our job to understand tenants. We know that moving house is a stressful event, but there’s no need to worry – we’re here to help. flatfair is the simple, safe and affordable alternative to expensive tenancy cash deposits. In a nutshell, flatfair creates stronger relationships between tenants and landlords, settling end of tenancy charges quickly, fairly and securely, whilst protecting all parties through a government-authorised Independent Dispute Resolution provider.

How flatfair works

Join flatfair and don’t pay a deposit

Instead of an expensive deposit, tenants pay flatfair a small one-off membership fee, equal to the value of one week’s rent at the accommodation + VAT (split evenly between the household).

A fairer charging process through

Your letting agent or landlord submits any proposed charges and evidence for your review through after your tenancy has finished. You can counter any charges with alternative evidence until an agreement is reached. Should you or the landlord disagree about a charge, the charge will be resolved through Independent Dispute Resolution – following the same rules as with the deposit schemes.

Pay later 

flatfair will only charge you for any lawful charges after your tenancy has finished.

Build your rental reputation

Stick to your rental obligations, build up a strong flatscore and benefit from discounts when moving into your next accommodation. 

As part of your membership, you will receive:

  • The right to forfeit the need pay an upfront cash deposit in order to be able to rent your accommodation
  • Unlimited access to
  • Access to a government-authorised dispute resolution service
  • Quick, fair and secure resolution of proposed charges

Is flatfair insurance?

No, flatfair is not insurance; you remain fully liable for lawful charges. 

What are tenants' responsibilities? 

A flatfair tenant's responsibilities are exactly the same as those under a standard tenancy cash deposit scheme. 

In addition to this, we ask that you:

  • Update your personal and payment information on
  • Stay up to date with your flatfair membership status
  • Deal with any charges or disputes fairly
  • Ensure timely payments of any lawful charges and rent payments. 

Please note: If you have any questions regarding your responsibilities as a tenant, simply contact your letting agent. 

Renting with other tenants? 

Each tenant must become a flatfair member. All tenants are jointly and severally liable; this means that all lawful charges can be recovered from any individual tenant. 

What is a lawful charge?

Your letting agent or landlord will submit a proposed charge, and evidence for you to review, through at the end of your tenancy. From the charge submission date, you have 10 days to either:

  1. Agree to the charge. The charge becomes lawful and is payable by you and the other tenants of the household.
  2. Counter the charge. The charge becomes lawful once you reached an agreement with the landlord through charge negotiation and is payable by you and the other tenants of the household.
  3. Dispute the charge. If no agreement on the charge is reached, you or your landlord may raise a dispute after paying the adjudication fee of £100 + VAT. The charge is then referred to flatfair’s Independent Dispute Resolution provider, who determines if the charge is lawful based on information submitted on, payable by you and the other tenants of the household. If the Independent Dispute Resolution provider finds the case to be in your favour, we will refund the administration fee in full.

Please note: If you do not respond within 10 days from the charge submission date, the charge becomes lawful and is payable by you and the other tenants of the household.

Must I become a flatfair member? 

No. flatfair membership is always optional. 


flatfair seeks to be completely transparent. With flatfair:

  • Tenants do not need to tie up large sums of cash for a long period
  • Tenants have access to a greater range of properties
  • A close collaboration between all parties ensures that charges are dealt with fairly and paid promptly, whilst maintaining the accommodation quality
  • Letting agents receive a commission to cover their flatfair administration cost.
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